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Skin Tag Remover

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Skin tags are small and soft growths that naturally hang off the skin. Although they are harmless, they are definitely bothersome and not very flattering! However, should you not worry as you can easily get rid of them with this amazing and affordable Skin Tag Remover!
Unlike other Skin Tag Removers in the market, this one is quite quick and effective! It’s enough to apply it to the affected area to help the skin tag to gradually fall off on its own!

✓  Great Skin Tag Remover:

Kills and removes skin tag moles and warts at home in a period of 3 to 8 weeks. Just apply the product 3 times /day with a cotton swab and expect the skin tag to dry and fall off.

✓  Natural Solution For Tags:

No need for harsh medicine, burning or freezing remedies! This Skin Tag Remover is 100 % natural with Thuja Occidentalis

✓  Suitable For All Skin Types & Sensitive Areas:

It can be used to treat warts on all skin types, including those that grow on hands, fingers, feet, and face!


  • NET WT: 32ml.
  • Easy To Use & Painless
  • Quick & Leaves No Pink Scars.
  • Ingredient: Homeopathic.
  • Package Includes 1 x Skin Tag Remover.




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Skin Tag Remover