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24K Foil Plated Rose Gold

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One Rose Says More Than The Dozen!

The language of roses is universal! They have always been used to convey messages without words. They are a symbol of ultimate beauty, love, passion, and appreciation. And if you are looking for something special that you can give to the special person in your life, you can’t find better than this 24k Foil Plated Rose Gold. It has magical effects and can do wonders when it comes to adding a little extra sentiment to your silent message of affection!

✔️ Best Gift Idea:

This 24k Foil Plated Rose Gold is suitable for all occasions and will always hit the spot. If you want to personalize the effect of the rose, then you can go with a specific color for a specific message.

✔️ Last Forever:

the real roses, this one will never die! Petal and leaf are made of 99% Gold foil leaf and the flowering rod is made of Polyethylene with gold plated.

✔️ You Can Decorate Your House With It:

This lovely 24K Foil Plated Rose Gold can add charm to your interior design. It can be used to decorate your room, your table for an unforgettable dating dinner with a loved one.

  • 5 Colors: Golden, purple, blue, red, & rose.
  • Size:25*10*5cm
  • Suitable for: birthdays, Valentines, Mother, Wedding, Anniversary.

  • 1 x Rose
  • 1 x Packing Boxes
  • 1 x Certificate
  • 1 x love base Or No Base (Please check it carefully)


24K Foil Plated Rose Gold - LuxyGlow

24K Foil Plated Rose Gold - LuxyGlow

24K Foil Plated Rose Gold - LuxyGlow

24K Foil Plated Rose Gold - LuxyGlow



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24K Foil Plated Rose Gold - LuxyGlow

24K Foil Plated Rose Gold