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Self-Defense Alarm Keychain

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Self-Defense Alarm Keychain - LuxyGlow

Outside our homes, a lot of horrifying things happen every single day to women, children, and elders all the time that make us afraid for ourselves and others. As soon as you hit the doors, you have to be fully aware of the movements of others to protect yourself, especially at night and in empty streets! 

Today’s dangers acquire modern solutions, and that’s why you shouldn’t go anywhere without the Self-Defense Alarm Keychain!


Self-Defense Alarm Keychain - LuxyGlow


The keychain alarm makes a very loud sound and a bright flashlight that can draw attention quickly, even at distances as far as 300 yards away. As soon as you feel danger, press the alarm keychain and you will definitely be protected because the attacker will run away and people will immediately come around to save you. The safety alarm keychain can also be useful when you need immediate help and there is no one nearby! 

This is a must-have tool for elders, children, women, night workers, and adventurers. There is no better way to guarantee your family’s safety! 


Self-Defense Alarm Keychain - LuxyGlow


✓ The self-defense alarm keychain will keep you and your family safe during late walks or any risky situations. 

✓ USB-rechargeable battery to keep your keychain alarm always ready to be used, especially that 30 minutes of charging gives you one year of usage!
✓ 130 dB Safety emergency alarm with ear-piercing sound to bring attention even if you are 300 yards away. 

✓ Fast sound & bright light alarm to protect yourself as soon as someone comes close by.

Self-Defense Alarm Keychain - LuxyGlow

✓ LED emergency flashlight that is bigger and brighter than the usual flashlights of security alarms.

✓ Lightweight, portable & very convenient as it can be clipped to your keys, bag, purse, and more.
✓ Great gift idea for students, children, women, night workers, elders, and joggers. 

Self-Defense Alarm Keychain - LuxyGlow


✓ Specifications:

Charging Time: 30 minutes
Alarm Duration: 90 minutes
Standby Time: 2 years
Product size: 70*36*17mm
Decibel: 130 decibels
Battery: Polymer Lithium Battery
Color: Pink, Blue, White
Flashing Light: 75 minutes
Material: Environmental ABS
Lighting: 5.5 hours


Self-Defense Alarm Keychain - LuxyGlow


✓  Package Includes:

1* Self-defense alarm keychain


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Self-Defense Alarm Keychain - LuxyGlow

Self-Defense Alarm Keychain