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Electric Foot Massager

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Electric Foot Massager - LuxyGlow

Your entire body can be highly impacted when you neglect your feet. In fact, sleeping issues, cold feet, and walking problems are only a few consequences of blood circulation problems. The best way to eliminate that is by getting foot massages, but of course, no one can spend money on feet massages every single day!

Electric Foot Massager - LuxyGlow

This is why you should order your own Electric Foot Massager that puts years of experience of an expert in your hands. 

The roller massager machine is safe, comfortable, and healthy because it helps improve blood circulation, remove fatigue, leg swelling, muscle aches, and more. Your feet will be warmer and your entire body will be healthier and happier. 


Electric Foot Massager - LuxyGlow


The electric foot massager is the perfect combination of roller massage and air-compression.
✓ High-quality & safe for people with sensitive feet. 

✓ The Shiatsu foot massager provides deep relaxation and rejuvenation in 15 minutes only.
✓ Multifunction as it can be used to massage your neck, back, and more.
✓ Extremely healthy because it removes fatigue, leg swelling, and muscle aches perfectly. 

Electric Foot Massager - LuxyGlow

✓ Foot massager has a heating feature to keep your feet warm during the cold nights.

✓ The roller massager machine can support the tone of your legs and regain the vigor of your walk, which is very beneficial for people who spend the entire day on their legs.
✓ Best gift for the ones you care about and know they could need relaxation during their day. 

Electric Foot Massager - LuxyGlow

✓ Specifications:

Material: Composite Material

Size: Medium

Application: Foot, back, neck, etc.

Material: Cotton, leather

Massage: Electrical Massage tools

Size: 37.0 cm * 35.0 cm * 8.0 cm

effect: Massager, Lumber, Relaxation

Function: Infrared Heating cushion

Electric Foot Massager - LuxyGlow


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Electric Foot Massager - LuxyGlow

Electric Foot Massager