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Back Stretch Equipment Massager Magic Stretcher

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Manages Your Pain Safely And Effectively!

The modern lifestyle is one of the biggest factors that lead you to experience horrible back pain, waist pain, lumbar discomfort, and many other serious issues! So, if you are spending your days sitting or simply maintaining a poor position while working and using your phone and other electronic devices, expect to develop backache issues soon. You might think that you are safe now, but studies and research show that even if you don’t suffer from these issues now, you will probably develop them as you age!

Hence, taking a break from the sedentary lifestyle can greatly help you avoid any undesirable consequences in the future. However, if you are already struggling and find it hard to stay active and accomplish your daily tasks, you might need to add this amazing and extremely useful device to cart!

This Back Stretch Equipment Massager and Magic Stretcher will help you get rid of back pain and provide you with ultimate comfort and relaxation. Besides, it is portable and lightweight. You can easily pack it in your travel bag and carry it with you wherever you go.

It’s a perfect device to use after long haul flights as well as long work days. It will solve most of your back and muscle issues and even help you feel more relaxed!

✔️ Quality Material & Eco-Friendly:

This Back Massager is made of fine quality ABS plastic, which is known to be environmentally friendly, durable, and unbreakable. And that’s definitely not everything! This product fully relies on the principle of arc stretching and it is designed to solve your back issues including fatigue, pain, and stiffness and extend your waist muscle lines. It is pressure resistant, compact, and portable!

You don’t really need to worry about space as it can be nicely put into luggage without taking much space!

✔️ Multi-Level Back Stretching Device:

This portable, lightweight back stretching device is made with fine quality, durable, and advanced PP material. The device also comes equipped with stimulation finger massage, acupuncture touch, and different settings to completely stretch and relieve your lower back pain and help you experience instant and ultimate comfort and relaxation.

✔️ Adjustable & Effective:

This Magic Stretcher comes with 3 adjustable levels and also allow its users to adjust the back bow angle according to their needs. This way, they can just choose the one that fits their needs most, put the device on the floor, bed, or even on a chair and enjoy! It’s also good to note that this Back Stretch Equipment Massager comes equipped with 88 massage protrusions that correspond your body acupuncture points and gently and effectively massages your lumbar spine while safely stretching.

✔️ Easy To Use & Carry:

Above all, This Back Stretch Equipment Massager is simple to use and carry and you can feel totally free to use it whenever you feel like you are in pain and need to relax! It can even help your waist return to its first and normal 26-degree-physiological curve. Besides, it can be a great way to treat spine problems at home, relieve chronic back pain, correct postural imbalance, restore the natural curvature of the back and also improve the flexibility of shoulder and back muscles.

✔️ Specifications:
  • Material: PP
  • Product color: random color
  • Product design: W1 acupuncture colorful style, W2 black yoga belt style.
  • Product size: 370*245mm/14.57*9.65"
  • Product function: correcting spine, improving hunchback / waist acid


Back Stretch Equipment Massager Magic Stretcher - LuxyGlow

Back Stretch Equipment Massager Magic Stretcher - LuxyGlow

Back Stretch Equipment Massager Magic Stretcher - LuxyGlow

Back Stretch Equipment Massager Magic Stretcher - LuxyGlow

Back Stretch Equipment Massager Magic Stretcher - LuxyGlow



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Back Stretch Equipment Massager Magic Stretcher - LuxyGlow

Back Stretch Equipment Massager Magic Stretcher