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3D Eye Massager

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3D Eye Massager - LuxyGlow

No matter how many hours you sleep at night, nothing can help the dark circles from forming beneath your eyes. Let alone the expensive skin-care products that seem to add more lines and wrinkles instead of diminishing their presence. 

But we have something that will help: 


3D Eye Massager - LuxyGlow


The 3D Eye Massager was proved to reduce the dark circles and wrinkles while improving the blood circulation due to its relaxing vibrations. Above all that, it feels really, really good to have a 3D ergonomic device that massages your eyes for as long as you want!

Charge it and take it with you everywhere to keep your eyes younger, energized, and prettier… let your true beauty shine through your eyes! 


3D Eye Massager - LuxyGlow


✓ 3D Eye massager is a brilliant tool that will decrease your dark circles, fine lines, and wrinkles while improving the eyes’ blood circulation.

✓ Adjustable vibration massager that works on activating eyes muscles and relieves them from any fatigue.

✓ Ergonomic 3D design that perfectly fits your eyes to provide an excellent massage and efficient enjoyment.

✓ 3 modes & 3 gears to meet different massage options and suit everyone’s needs.


3D Eye Massager - LuxyGlow

✓ Multifunctional eye massage tool that works on relieving cranial nerve, improve sleep quality, and relax the eyes efficiently. 

✓ USB fast charging that can works for up to 4 hours continuously. 

✓ Portable & convenient that can be taken with you everywhere you want to go.


3D Eye Massager - LuxyGlow


✓ Specifications:

Material: ABS

Power supply: USB

Voltage: DC5V

Battery capacity: 350mAh

Mode: 3

Charging time: Approx. 3 hours

Using time: 2.5-4 hours

USB cable length: 45±5cm

Item size (unfolded): 14.7x14.2cm


3D Eye Massager - LuxyGlow


✓  Package Includes:

1*main device

1* USB


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3D Eye Massager - LuxyGlow

3D Eye Massager