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V-Line Lift Belt

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Have you been noticing a few wrinkles, fine lines, and a new double chin lately? The older you get, the more your skin loses its elasticity and the strength to fight back flaws, which is why you need to help it with the V-Line Lift Belt


The V-Line Lift Belt adopts the same technology plastic surgeons use to lift the cheeks, chin, and jaw, eliminate wrinkles and fine lines, and reduce acne and their scars! With the LED photon therapy and high-frequency vibration massage working together with EMS microcurrent, your face will become thinner, firmer, shinier, and younger in the safest way. You only need to charge the V-Line Lift Belt, wear it, and say goodbye to chubby cheeks, wrinkles, and acne! 



✓  The v-line lift belt provides effective LED photon therapy that offers beneficial energy for firmer, healthier, and brighter skin

✓  High-frequency vibration massage that activates skin cells metabolism to effectively repair and strengthen skin elasticity for lifting and tightening effect.



✓  EMS microcurrent to activate deep muscle cells and boost the production of collagen to reduce wrinkles, tighten the skin, shrink pores, and improve absorption efficiency. 



✓  Infrared physiotherapy that promotes blood circulation, eliminates acne, and restores enzyme activity.

✓  Two different LED functions: Red (630nm) helps increase blood circulation and stimulates skin cells for firmer and shinier skin with a smooth texture. Blue (470nm) inhibits acne growth with anti-inflammation and skin repair effect to eliminate the risks of acne scars and to get rid of wrinkles



✓  Adjustable intensity levels that can be controlled with one hand only due to the sensitive touch button control.

✓  Safe automatic shut down after 15 minutes to avoid overuse and to save energy

✓  Ergonomic & folding V-shape design with high elastic strap and buckle that can be freely adjusted for a perfect fit.


✓  Wireless, USB powered & durable built-in battery that provides long service time.

✓  Lightweight & portable face slimming face that can be used anytime, anywhere!




✓  Specifications :

Material: ABS

Color: White

Battery Capacity: 1000mAh

Input Voltage: 5V

Max. Power: 7W

Static Current: <100uA

Working Mode: Thin Face Mode, Face-Lift Mode (Tira Mode), Whitening Mode

Intensity Level: Level 1-10

Product Size(Unfold): Approx. 170*110*500mm/6.69*4.33*19.68inch

Product Size(Folded): Approx. 130*60mm/5.11*2.36inch



✓  Package List :

1* V-line lift belt

1* USB cable

1* User manual


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V-Line Lift Belt