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In-Ear Cleaning Endoscope

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Are you aware of how much you are damaging your ear when you clean it blinding with cotton swabs? As you insert the cotton swab, the ear wax goes deeper and causes scary things! This is why Ear cleaning endoscope is a must have. You can now see inside your ears and protect your eardrums by looking clearly at the wax you are cleaning out in your Android phone or computer. It is safe, suitable for daily cleaning and easy to use… Ear wax otoscope is an essential health care tool for all homes!

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✓ Easy to access:

ear Cleaning Endoscope to check and clean the insides of your ears without harming it. 

✓ User-friendly & Removable design:

that features a long hollow and round ear spoon that will not block sight or hurt the ear canal. 

✓ Safe & secure:

Lens that will not fall off, while the chip of the Ear otoscope is far from it to keep your ears protected. 

✓  Multifunctional:

as this great ear cleaning endoscope can be used to check your skin, hair follicles, your mouth, and more.

✓  Requirements:

The USB HD visual ear endoscope is compatible with Android phones and Computers:
The Android system must be 4.2 or above. 
Your phone should have an ITG Function.
Your Phone should have UVC function. 
The Ear otoscope can work for Win 7/Win 8/Win9/Win 10/ Win XP

✓ Specifications:

Wire Type: Soft Wire

Lens (mm): 5.5mm

Plug Type: CN Plug

Color: five colors for your choice

Resolution: 640*480


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In-Ear Cleaning Endoscope