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Tools & Accesories

Desperately Looking for useful tools & accessories? Our beauty tools and makeup accessories will help you create the perfect look and get a flawless finish in no time.
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Electric Back and Neck Massager - LuxyGlowElectric Back and Neck Massager - LuxyGlow
Electric Back and Neck Massager
Regular price$60.00 USD$37.99 USD
    Portable Electric Eye Massager - LuxyGlowPortable Electric Eye Massager - LuxyGlow
    Portable Electric Eye Massager
    Regular price$65.00 USD$39.95 USD
      In-Ear Cleaning Endoscope - LuxyGlowIn-Ear Cleaning Endoscope - LuxyGlow
      In-Ear Cleaning Endoscope
      Regular price$70.50 USD$35.20 USD
      Electric EMS Foot Massager - LuxyGlowElectric EMS Foot Massager - LuxyGlow
      Electric EMS Foot Massager
      Regular price$72.00 USD$35.85 USD
        Waist Therapy Heating Pad - LuxyGlowWaist Therapy Heating Pad - LuxyGlow
        Waist Therapy Heating Pad
        Regular price$77.00 USD$38.20 USD
        Electric USB Heated Neck Pad - LuxyGlowElectric USB Heated Neck Pad - LuxyGlow
        Electric USB Heated Neck Pad
        Regular price$70.80 USD$31.99 USD
        Electric Ear Nose Hair Trimmer - LuxyGlowElectric Ear Nose Hair Trimmer - LuxyGlow
        Electric Ear Nose Hair Trimmer
        Regular price$73.50 USD$29.20 USD
        Infrared Heated Knee Brace - LuxyGlowInfrared Heated Knee Brace - LuxyGlow
        Infrared Heated Knee Brace
        Regular price$78.00 USD$37.99 USD
          Heated Knee Brace - LuxyGlowHeated Knee Brace - LuxyGlow
          Heated Knee Brace
          Regular price$119.28 USD$69.90 USD
            Neck Gaiter With Filter - LuxyGlowNeck Gaiter With Filter - LuxyGlow
            Neck Gaiter With Filter
            Regular price$44.33 USD$29.99 USD
            Multifunctional Massage Pillow - LuxyGlowMultifunctional Massage Pillow - LuxyGlow
            Multifunctional Massage Pillow
            Regular price$111.22 USD$69.90 USD
            Smart Sleep Aid Massager - LuxyGlowSmart Sleep Aid Massager - LuxyGlow
            Smart Sleep Aid Massager
            Regular price$72.00 USD$35.99 USD
            Muscle Gun Massager - LuxyGlowMuscle Gun Massager - LuxyGlow
            Muscle Gun Massager
            Regular price$225.00 USD$112.50 USD
            3D Eye Massager - LuxyGlow3D Eye Massager - LuxyGlow
            3D Eye Massager
            Regular price$91.40 USD$45.70 USD
            Ultrasonic Body Slimming Massager - LuxyGlowUltrasonic Body Slimming Massager - LuxyGlow
            Ultrasonic Body Slimming Massager
            Regular price$125.00 USD$67.99 USD
            Magnetic Therapy Bracelet For Pain Relief - LuxyGlowMagnetic Therapy Bracelet For Pain Relief - LuxyGlow
            Magnetic Therapy Bracelet For Pain Relief
            Regular price$68.40 USD$34.20 USD
            Teeth Whitening charcoal Powder - LuxyGlowTeeth Whitening charcoal Powder - LuxyGlow
            Teeth Whitening charcoal Powder
            Regular price$44.68 USD$15.06 USD
            Jade Face Roller - LuxyGlowJade Face Roller - LuxyGlow
            Jade Face Roller
            Regular price$20.25 USD$16.25 USD
            Neck Slimmer & Double Chin Remover - LuxyGlowNeck Slimmer & Double Chin Remover - LuxyGlow
            Neck Slimmer & Double Chin Remover
            Regular price$70.00 USD$23.50 USD
            Blackhead Remover - LuxyGlowBlackhead Remover - LuxyGlow
            Blackhead Remover
            Regular price$87.49 USD$47.29 USD